Baja’s Amerindian Tribes and Mexican Auto insurance from

Mexican Auto insurance from

Baja’s Amerindian Tribes


Mexican Auto insurance from and Baja’s Amerindian Tribes

Travelers interested in Mexican history most likely visit an ancient Aztec or Mayan village when touring Mexico. Just as important to Mexico’s cultural development, however, but not as well known, are the other Amerindians: the San Dieguito, La Jolla, Yumanos, Cohimis and Guaycuras; all who at one time or another occupied various parts of Baja California peninsula.

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Baja’s Amerindian Tribes

Because most of these people were fishers or hunter-gathers, they left little evidence behind, as most of their time was focused on survival. Unlike the Aztec and Mayan Amerindians, who left elaborate hidden or uncovered ruins behind, Baja’s early people lived outdoors and were mobile. Their frequent movements did not allow time to construct settlements or build elaborate pyramids.

One of the best examples of these native people’s presence, other than first-hand accounts from the Conquistadors, is attributed to the Yumano culture. These people were able to live in a sheltered environment for extended periods of time. Today, visitors are able to view some of their artwork which dates back to the Yumano’s earliest recorded history; a period over 2,500 years old. Their visible artwork is in the form of cave and rock paintings.  The Yumano thrived in today’s Baja and survived in great numbers until 16th Century Conquistadors eradicated most of Mexico’s indigenous people.

If looking to learn more about the Yumano people and the artwork they left behind, visit Northern Baja. While in the Baja region, you may want to investigate other early Amerindians. Not as elaborately created as the Yumano’s cave art, Central Baja hosts rock formations artistically assembled by the Cohimis. No one knows why these formations exist although speculation offers possibilities including worship, defense and personal expression.

Should your vacation be an extended one, visit an Aztec or Mayan site to appreciate just how advanced these early people were in contrast to Baja’s.  You will see how each society used their art, in one form or another, as a means of communication with the known and spiritual worlds.

Baja’s Amerindian Tribes and Mexican Auto insurance from

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