Baja Mexico Travel and Car Insurance For Mexico!

Beautiful Santa Maria beach by Cabo San Lucus.

Baja Mexico Travel When we hear someone say Baja, one of the things that immediately enters our mind is vacation. Indeed, because of its distance from the United States, it is a popular destination during spring break, long weekends, honeymoons, and those rare and brief leaves from work. Situated just south of the border of the US, it is near enough to drive while the charming Mexican culture is enough to make you think you are a world away.

On this note, it would be appropriate to remind the traveler to acquire Car insurance for Mexico should he or she plan to drive to Baja. This is because Mexican authorities do not recognize American insurance policies. Anybody thinking of having fun driving around Mexico during the visit should learn about Mexico laws as respects Mexico insurance by Mexican Insurance Store. You can find more information about Car Insurance for Mexico here. The reason for being cautious is that Mexico practices Napoleonic law, which differs from English Common Law countries. It would be wise to buy your Mexico traveling insurance online as it is more reliable and less expensive. This will eliminate the hassle of personally shouldering the payment for any damages that you might have caused in case of an accident in Mexico.

Baja Mexico Travel

Baja California is the northernmost state of Mexico and is a peninsula bordered in the north by the US states of California and Arizona, in the east by Sonora and the Gulf of California (also known as the Sea of Cortes) and on the west by the Pacific Ocean. The state is populated by Caucasians, Mestizos , east Asians, and Native Americans.

Baja has a diverse geography too. It has forests, deserts and beaches—all of which provide opportunities for outdoor and recreational activities for tourists and visitors which Baja has in abundance. It is the venue for the Baja 1000, a popular sanctioned off-road race which occurs during the fall. It has beaches for those wishing to chill out by the sea and soak in the sun as well as rich fishing grounds for those whose idea of fun involves a boat and a fishing pole.

There are long mountain ranges and forests suitable for camping, trekking, mountain biking, and hiking. There are in fact several campsites and ranches in the state where one can go horseback riding, all terrain vehicle courses and touring. If one enjoys history, Baja is full of old Spanish missions, museums, churches and cathedrals, cave paintings and other historical sites enough to satisfy the history buff in us.

Making travel arrangements to go to Baja couldn’t be easier. There are several online sites which offer information and allow you to book reservations for your stay.

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