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Highway 1, Baja Norte

Mexico insurance – Baja Bound Spring Weather Predictions

Although the early part of spring can include some misty or drizzly days in Baja, conditions are often beautiful through the spring months. Evenings in Northern Baja can be chilly, making it very important to travel with warm outerwear available for evening activities. However, days are typically gorgeous, perfect for checking out local markets or walking along the beach. Be sure that your Mexico insurance is current so that you don’t encounter unexpected problems if you are involved in an accident. Be aware of unusual weather conditions and visibility issues to minimize your potential for accidents and related Mexican auto insurance online.

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Avoid unconventional roads

Whether you drive in good or bad weather, an unconventional road in Baja can spell trouble. There are several reasons to avoid such roads, including:

  • Safety: The hazards on a trail or in the country can include animals, sink holes, sharp rocks, metal, or leary landowners. You don’t want to be the gringo solo who doesn’t return.
  • Communications: An off-road adventure could leave you out of range for a wireless signal, making it tough to get help in an emergency.
  • Unexpected weather issues: A flash flood in the mountains of Baja could be disastrous for the stranded motorist. Even conventional roads can suffer damage as in the recent case of Mexican Highway 1 collapsing between Tijuana and Ensenada.
  • Your insurance policy: Driving on unconventional roads can terminate your Mexico insurance. You won’t be able to file a claim for a weather-related accident or other incident if it occurred in an off-road area.

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Pro Tip: Mexican auto insurance online gives you access to the toll highways. Without Mexico insurance, you can’t drive on them.

As you drive on the roads of Baja, you may enjoy the beautiful weather conditions along the highways. In fact, Mexican Highway 1 makes for a wonderful afternoon drive on a sunny spring day. Check your smartphone for weather conditions to ensure that you won’t encounter any unexpected rain or winds. Then pack your lunch and your camera for a day of exploration. If you are traveling with a little leeway in your schedule, be sure that your Mexican auto insurance online is up to date and hasn’t expired.

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  • Part of driving in Mexico is buying Mexican insurance. I believe it’s not only in Mexico that car insurance is required, but other countries as well.

  • Michelle Peter
    March 17, 2017 5:29 pm

    Being light is the way to feel most comfortable during your journey. Pack light and take only those that you need. Don’t bring in stuff you can’t easily hand carry.

  • Summer is over and it’s about time for us to plan for another Mexico vacation. This time, it will be with our close relatives and family members.

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