Avoid Hidden Fees On Mexico Hotel Travel Deals – Mexico insurance thru Mexican Insurance Store

Mexico insurance thru Mexican Insurance Store

Timeshares in Mexico

Mexico insurance thru Mexican Insurance Store – Hidden Fees On Mexico Hotel Travel Deals

While many travel-related costs in Mexico are less expensive, some too-good-to-be-true prices offering free stays in Mexico may have hidden costs involved. If not careful, you could lose valuable vacation money without realizing it. Buyer beware: when booking vacation accommodations,travel packages or any other type of Mexican lodgings for what seems to be pennies on the dollar, always be sure to read the fine print or ask questions. Make sure there are no additional hidden fees or extra requirements needed to be met; in order to qualify for the advertised rate.

Remember also to purchase a Mexico insurance thru Mexican Insurance Store policy when driving in Mexico as US and Canadian car insurance is not valid. Mexico insurance coverage is a vital part of exploring Mexico and returning happy. For more information about Mexico insurance thru Mexican Insurance Store visit their website comparison tool. To save time, money and frustration evaluating the best Mexico insurance coverage review and compare A+ rated Mexico insurance thru Mexican Insurance Store quotes and coverage to suit your individual needs.

Hidden Hotel Fees

Now of course there will most likely be hotel room tax, and in most cases a resort charge, but always find out how much this is before booking. (Note: in most cases, room tax will always range around 12-13 %.) If however, your daily resort charge seems outrageously high (more than $8 per day) for amenities you will not use, by all means skip the hotel and find another one. It may not seem like a lot, but the $8 when taxed, is closer to $10 and over a week-long vacation, can be a $70 loss.Another item you have to be wary of is free excursions, formal dinners and an extra night offered when checking in.

Timeshare Recruitment

Most likely, you will be registered at the front desk and then be redirected to another station under the premise of obtaining more information about one of these offers or picking up a free coupon. Once there, you may be asked questions about who is in your travel party and how much income you make. This is your key to run not walk to the nearest elevator. The recruitment process for a timeshare presentation was already underway.

From high resort fees to luring in unsuspecting guests into timeshare presentations, always perform research before booking any type of accommodation or receiving a free bonus. You will not only save time and defeat unnecessary aggravation, but you may also end up saving even more money on your Mexican travel experience.

These Mexican travel basics are brought to you by Mexico insurance thru Mexican Insurance Store

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Hidden Fees On Mexico Hotel Travel Deals – Mexico insurance thru Mexican Insurance Store

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  • Jerome Gigg
    July 9, 2013 5:32 pm

    I booked honeymoon package with travel agent for Mexico but he didn’t informed me about the hidden service charges that I have to pay on my stay at hotel. I would advice everyone going there should get break up of hidden fee as well in order to avoid hassle.

  • Roseanna Oleary
    March 13, 2018 6:02 pm

    Don’t forget to purchase Mexican insurance before driving. It’s risky driving without it, particularly when driving in Mexico city.

  • Driving with no Mexican auto insurance is a big mistake. Having the right coverage in Mexico is vital.

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