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Mexican Auto Insurance – Avoid 4th of July traffic in Mexico

Statistics indicate that travel to Mexico has been on the upswing in the last couple of years, and this can mean extra border traffic both at the beginning and end of your trip. This is particularly true if you plan for traditional travel times during a three-day weekend like the Fourth of July holiday. Save time and avoid another hassle from your trip when you pick up Mexican auto insurance online ahead of time. With web-based Mexico insurance, you can select want you want and don’t have to worry about another distraction.

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Border traffic surges

Normal border traffic patterns tend to be based on weekly commutes and weekend travelers. During United States holidays, the travel traffic often increases the night before the holiday as tourists enter Mexico. Exit traffic tends to be at its height the last day of the holiday weekend, particularly heavy in the afternoon. This type of pattern makes sense because it is consistent with travel in any tourist destination. However, you may want to adjust your travel days and times to compensate for long expected wait times.

By coordinating your driving times so that you will cross into Mexico earlier in the day, you may miss the heaviest driving activity on this side of the border. However, keep in mind that this is dependent on leaving a day earlier than most other tourists. If you hit the border at mid-morning on an actual holiday, you are more likely to encounter heavier traffic.

Pro Tip: Mexican auto insurance is required to use the toll roads, so make sure you have Mexico insurance before crossing the border!

Coordination of your exit time may be a bit more difficult, especially if you are leaving on the last day of the official holiday weekend. Busy border crossings can be backed up for hours, and your vehicle may feel the effects as you move at a snail’s pace. Evening departures can be a bit less stressful. However, waiting until the official holiday weekend is over and leaving after the morning commute on a business day can be a better option for avoiding major delays.

Pick up Mexican auto insurance a few days before leaving!

When you buy coverage, you may want to plan for traffic by including some extra time on your policy. Mexico insurance must be effective for the duration of your time in Mexico. If your policy will lapse, requiring renewal, you can buy a Mexican auto insurance policy from your wireless device while still in Mexico.

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  • Sibyl Holoman
    August 26, 2015 5:56 pm

    No matter what people do, traffic can’t simply be avoided. And in case of accident, you can get in touch with Mexico’s 911 version, or you can contact your Mexican insurance provider. Besides, there is also an assistance group accessible on the roadside.

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