Another Good Reason to Drive to Mexico!

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Most of the people who decide to drive from Canada to Mexico do so in order to save money. If youve been on the fence about driving instead of flying, though, theres another good reason that you should learn about. Back in August, the United States Federal Aviation Administration downgraded Mexicos civil aviation from the optimal Category 1 to the sub-par Category 2. They did so because Mexico has failed to meet the stringent international safety standards of the United Nations.

Get Mexican Insurance for Canadians and Be on Your Way!

If youd rather not fly in a country that has been downgraded to a Category 2, go online to buy quality Mexican insurance for Canadians. Once you have a good Mexican auto insurance for Canadians policy, you will be able to hit the road. Mexico insurance from Mexican Insurance Store for Canadians enhances the safety of driving around that country. In fact, its actually against the law to drive without Mexican car insurance for Canadians while you’re south of the border. Buying Mexican auto insurance for Canadians is easy, so make it your first task.

Cheaper and Safer

While the specifics of the downgrade are a bit technical, the bottom line is that there is reason to be concerned about flying into and out of Mexico. A much safer way to go is to travel by car. The downgrade also reduces the flexibility of flying from Canada to Mexico, making it more difficult to make convenient plans. Although the United States government is going to work closely with the Mexican government to restore its rating, the fact that Mexico has been downgraded is troubling. Flying is quite safe, in general, but knowing that a nation has been bumped down to Category 2 should give you pause. Besides, flying is very costly. If you are going to be traveling with a largish group, those tickets can be prohibitively expensive. To ensure you safety and to save money, its probably best to drive down to Mexico from Canada.

Reduced Options for Flying into and Around Mexico

Mexicos downgrade also means that there will be fewer flights into and out of the country. As a result, ticket prices will more than likely be going up. Planning your flights into and out of the country will be more difficult than ever. If youd like to fly out of Canada and return to Canada within a specific period of time, you may find yourself scrambling to find the right flights. Driving, on the other hand, is extremely flexible and easy. As long as you have good insurance, you can drive into and around Mexico without having a care in the world.

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