Advantages Of Buying Mexican Auto Insurance From Rated Insurers In Mexico!

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Many Mexican insurance buyers do not know the importance of purchasing cover from rated providers. Unfortunately, few realize that by so doing, they jeopardize their chances of successful claims should a motor vehicle accident that needs to be addressed by the Mexican auto insurance company occur. In Mexico, not every insurance company is rated. In fact, the vast majority are not. This means that one has to be extra careful when purchasing a Mexico auto insurance policy because insurers who have no rating may not have admirable financial or claims profiles.

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A Mexico auto insurance company that has an “A or better” rating has a “good or excellent” rating on its risk profile. This means that clients should always opt for such as their first choice when purchasing Mexican auto insurance. The rating of the insurance company is further proven by its financial strength and its underwriting policies. Some of the important pointers that could mean that an insurance company lacks good ratings include manually written policies, sub broker middle men, a la carte coverage and or abnormally low premiums. Naturally, the ‘when the deal is too good, think twice cliché applies especially in the Mexican auto insurance industry as well.

Unrated Mexico auto insurance companies could mean a higher risk for the policy holder. After all everyone is satisfied and thinks they got the best “deal”, that is until they have a claim. Before making up your mind about what company to purchase the policy from, get as much information as you can about the Mexican auto insurance company. This should include their ratings. Most websites on insurance companies in Mexico will tell you that all insurance policies can only be bought from a network of brokers. However, this is not entirely true.

Mexican Insurance for example deals directly with the client thus meaning that you have the opportunity to learn as much as you can about the company directly from us. We offer Mexican Auto insurance and only Mexico auto insurance. Every day. This makes it easy for us to be transparent about our policies and also answer any questions about the “small print” that our clients may have. In the end, we are able to understand each other well, tailor coverage to suit your specific needs and hence offer you much better than satisfactory service.

Example : At the border it is possible to buy an annual policy with a provision that allows the insured only 90 days in Mexico during the policy period or did you know 75% of the marketplace and especially with local Mexico insurers at the border, you are allowed to fix your vehicle ONLY in Mexico. The direct communication that we have with our clients also enables us to ensure that they understand the policy documentation about claim making procedures.

We also provide them with the company’s help line which makes it easier for them to contact them should any eventuality occur. It is after such calls that they dispatch our adjustors and arrange for roadside assistance and or legal services to be provided to the customer. The Advantages Of Buying Mexican Auto Insurance From Rated Insurers In Mexico.

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