A Review of Top Mexican Insurance for Canadians

Mexican Insurance for Canadians

Labor Day Mexico

Mexican Insurance for Canadians – A Review of Top Choices

Although you may focus more on the destinations to add to your itinerary as you prepare for an extended trip through Mexico, you will want to give more than just a passing thought to a top Mexican insurance for Canadians as you prepare to set out. A review of the options in Mexican car insurance for Canadians is helpful as you consider issues such as travel interruption, towing, and potential repair needs. With the right Mexican auto insurance for Canadians in place, you can drive free of worry about how you will deal with driving-related emergencies.

Liability Options

Top providers of Mexican insurance for Canadians include ACE, HDI Seguros, and MAPFRE. ACE tends to offer the highest liability limits with amounts of up to $500,000 available. The minimum liability coverage offered by any of these providers is $50,000. Pricing on these options in Mexican insurance for Canadians increases with higher liability limits, but the extra cost is warranted if you travel to a destination that has high death benefits for survivors of accident victims. Although your intention is to have an accident-free vacation, a lack of sufficient coverage in a serious accident could create both legal and monetary complications for the remainder of your trip. It is important to realize that a multi-fatality incident could be even more disastrous. It is also important to know that death benefits for survivors can exceed the maximum liability coverage in some Mexican states. If you will travel to one of these states, you can supplement with an umbrella policy.

Your liability coverage also addresses any legal costs, meaning that you want to be sure that your Mexican car insurance for Canadians has enough leeway that a serious accident won’t take your monetary obligations over the top of that limit. As you review your plans and the top Mexican auto insurance for Canadians, be sure to leave a bit of breathing space with regard to limits. If you plan to stay in Mexico over a long period of time, it is also important to review the long-term costs of your Mexican insurance for Canadians.

Mexican insurance for Canadians by MexicanInsuranceStore.com includes Roadside Assistance through all of Mexico at no additional charge

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  • Hollis Delacruz
    December 15, 2015 5:22 pm

    What makes you capable of responding to injuries and damages you’re responsible for? It’s by having liability coverage. It’s highly recommended to buy Mexican insurance before crossing at the border with you car.

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