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Estadio Azteca – Home of the Mexican National Team

Mexican Auto Insurance Online – A Quick History Of Professional Soccer In Mexico!

Different from the football many Americans are familiar with, Mexicos soccer (fut’-bol) has been playing in the county for hundreds of years. First introduced to Mexico at the end of the Nineteenth Century, the sport has grown more and more popular since its introduction.

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Soccer is the most popular team sport in Mexico; in fact, it is the most preferred sport by Mexican boys and young men. This is not only true in Mexico but in all of Latin America. The popularity of the sport in this region has led to many teams and rivalries. Once a game played by industrial workers, the sport was first sponsored by individual companies. During the early teens and twenties (20th Century), the first Mexican soccer leagues were formed. The two earliest, the Pachuca, America and Necaxa were later joined by the Atlas and Pumas teams. Pro Tip: Mexican auto insurance online gives you toll road access, so secure coverage before taking off!

Whether playing as part of a professional team or as a university-level team, all soccer teams in Mexico are considered one professional organization and regularly compete against each other.   As soccer grew, the need to regulate the sport became a necessity. In 1927, the Mexican Soccer Federation was formed and became affiliated with the International Soccer Federation.

With better organization and representation, in 1930, Mexico played against Uruguay at its first World Cup. Hosting other counties, Mexico has been the location for two World Cup events. Furthermore, Mexico’s Estadio Azteca was the site for the 1968 Olympics as well as the 1970 World Cup.

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