4 Reasons Why You Cant Go Without Mexican Insurance!

Mexican Insurance.

When preparing for a big trip down to Mexico, there are a lot of things to take into consideration. If youre going to drive while youre south of the border, you cant go without Mexican insurance by mexicaninsurancestore.com. Every now and then, people assume that Mexican auto insurance is just something extra that they dont necessarily need; the reality couldnt be further from the truth. While car insurance in Mexico is not technically required by law in Mexico, going without it is a really bad move. Read below to find out why that is.

Proving Financial Responsibility

While car insurance for Mexico isnt mandatory in order to be on the road while south of the border, you do have to be able to show the authorities that you can handle your financial responsibility in the event of an accident. After making sure that the involved parties are okay, the authorities will demand proof that coverage for the financial tolls exists. Short of producing a big wad of cash, your best option is to show proof of Mexican auto insurance.

Different Laws Can Come Back to Haunt You

In the U.S. and Canada, the only way youll usually end up in jail in the event of an accident is if you are drunk driving or doing something else especially egregious. In Mexico though, the laws are different. Unlike in the U.S. and Canada, you are not innocent until proven guilty. As a result, the authorities have no qualms about detaining you until you can prove that you can pay for the damage that you have caused. Nothing short circuits a Mexican vacation quite like an unexpected stay in jail, so keep that in mind.

A Cheap Way to Stay Safe

By skipping out on Mexico insurance, you arent going to save a whole lot of money. Such policies are remarkably affordable. If youre thinking about skipping the insurance to save some cash, think again. In the long run, going without coverage will cost you a whole lot of money. Looking back, you will see that paying for a policy would have been much more financially sound. Instead of waiting to learn the hard way, just buy a policy before you head down to Mexico.

Buying a Policy is Easy

Finally, you may be reluctant to buy insurance for Mexico because you just dont have a lot of spare time. You don’t really need spare time to buy this type of coverage, though, since its readily available online. In fact, you can select, pay for and print out a policy in a few short minutes. Whats stopping you? Make sure to buy coverage before you head out on your Mexican vacation! Reasons why you cant go without Mexican insurance!

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  • Road assistance is a good part of a Mexican car insurance policy. Road assistance covers the towing expenses, locksmiths, flat tires, and many more. Such coverage is important and is contained within your policy, as long as it’s not a basic policy.

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