Visit Durango with Mexican car insurance from Mexican Insurance

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Visit Durango with Mexican car insurance from Mexican Insurance

Durango is not just the name of a city in Colorado. It is a lesser-known tourist destination in the proud country of Mexico. You have to travel to the northwest section of the country o discover this town. One of its more important features is serving as an important site of movie making. Like many cities you would find in Latin America, the city of Durango has preserved important architectural landmarks.

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Durango’s buildings were first constructed in the 1700s and continued into the 1900s. Some of the buildings include the Governor’s Palace and the House of Government. A trip to the Governor’s Palace would be worth it if you want to see firsthand original murals by the artist, Francisco Montoya de la Cruz. In the House of Government, you can find period pieces (originals) from the 1700s and 1800s maintained in a museum. The House of Government also provides a headquarters for the governor of the state.

Other attractions in Durango include the extreme sport of mountain biking outside the city, nearby fishing, and the cultural attractions of theatre and concerts. More outdoor activities are available such as camping and exploring the Zone of Silence outside the city.

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Visit Durango with Mexican car Insurance from Mexican Insurance

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Gabriel Mede July 26, 2013 at 5:35 pm

I’ve been here before but I wasn’t able to explore everything the place has to offer. I love how it preserved its historical landmarks so the next generation could appreciate its own history.

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