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Mike says: I wholeheartedly agree with the paragraph in this article that outlines why its so important to always buy Mexico car insurance. Its especially important if youre heading south of the border as a family. Nothing could be worse than to get into an accident, not have Mexico car insurance and end up in jail when your family is with you. Youll have to go away to jail, while your family is left without a vehicle. After all, the authorities are sure to impound your vehicle if something like this happens. You shouldnt assume that you wont be involved in an accident either because you really can’t predict something like that. The only way to hope to avoid this type of catastrophe is by investing in quality Mexico car insurance prior to heading to Mexico. Youll find plenty of great deals online, and it only takes a few minutes to buy coverage. Article Directory Post

“If you’re in an accident with your auto while traveling in Mexico, you put yourself and your family at major risk. You may be jailed in a Mexican jail should you run into an accident with your vehicle. To say the least, this may ruin your holiday. The time, money and effort you may spend should anything happen to your vehicle while you’re heading south of the border is just not worth it.”

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