Mexican insurance policy Issues on the Road in Mexico

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Mexican insurance policy Issues on the Road in Mexico

You don’t need to be nervous about driving in Mexico, but it is important to consider some unusual driving issues that you could face during your travels. Whether you will spend most of your time in a city or whether you will be crossing vast expanses of desert on rural highways, you can encounter some activities and road features that may be confusing or startling. However, a little bit of advance notice is helpful so that you can deal with such issues calmly and poised.

Road Design

City roads can be a little narrower than what you may be used to at home. During slow traffic times, this may not be a huge stress, but if you are in rush hour traffic, narrow lanes can be harrowing. Similarly, Mexican highways can become narrower as you enter remote areas. South of El Rosario, for example, two-lane highway is quite narrow. Exercise caution in these areas to avoid unexpected collisions with other motorists. Remember that your Mexican insurance policy includes roadside assistance to help with problems you may experience in such areas.

Traffic Management

A couple of challenging features used in larger cities include roundabouts and speed bumps. You may be accustomed to the use of small dots used to alert you to coming stops or other issues. In Mexico, speed bumps in major thoroughfares can be bigger than speed bumps you would typically find in parking lots, making it possible to sustain serious vehicle damage if you don’t realize the bump is coming. Watch for signs that indicate the presence of topes, the Spanish word for hills or bumps. Roundabouts can be very stressful, and it’s important to stay with the flow of traffic to avoid being rear-ended. These are some of the most common spots for accidents that could lead to claims against your Mexican car insurance.

Guard Rails and Mexican insurance policy Issues

You need to be aware that safety standards may not be quite what you expect, and guard rails may be less sturdy than what you would see at home. At times, guard rails may even be missing from areas where they seem to be needed. Mexican Highway 1, as an example, has some sketchy spots in Baja Norte. The scenery is breathtaking, but the drop-offs can be startling. Watch for slowing traffic ahead on such routes because accidents can happen. Be prepared to wait if a semi or bus should hang over an edge. Restrict your driving to times when visibility is at its optimum.

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Mexican insurance policy Issues on the Road Road Travel in Mexico

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Jestine Muirhead October 28, 2014 at 5:14 pm

If you are coming from US or Canada, don’t expect to always encounter the same wide highways and city roads in Mexico. Sharp and punitive bumps are common. Do watch out. Make sure Roadside Assistance is part of your Mexico insurance policy.

Lauri Cabiness December 3, 2014 at 4:22 pm

To get your car insurance, consider buying yours at Mexican Insurance Store. I got mine from them and I’m happy to drive along Mexico main roads and highways. I know I have more safety now.

Mckenzie Junkin June 23, 2015 at 5:37 pm

Mexican government will not recognize anything except for the Mexican auto insurance based primarily in Mexico. Foreign insurance of any type is not helpful. Avoid driving across the border if you have no protection from a Mexico insurance provider.

Neal Boland July 10, 2015 at 5:17 pm

If you can’t buy Mexican insurance online, technically you can buy a policy at the Mexico border. The problem is, you don’t really know what you’re buying and sometimes they overcharge. You might be covered, but that’s it.

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