Your Mexican auto insurance policy at & Road Spanish

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Your Mexican auto insurance policy at & road Spanish

Although you may feel intimidated about communicating during your road trip through Mexico, you will find that most people are helpful, especially those who work in the tourist industry.  Luckily you don’t have to worry about speaking Spanish when you buy a Mexican auto insurance policy at, even though the coverage itself is bilingual. Gas station attendants, shop owners and restaurant workers are likely to be friendly as you ask questions. Many in the northern part of the country will have some basic English skills. Just make sure to buy Mexico car insurance from before you leave in case you get into an accident. Each Mexican auto insurance policy at comes with legal and bail bond coverage and bi-lingual help in case of an accident.

Road Spanish

You probably won’t need to pull out your coverage unless you get into a crash. You may be asked about seguro, or insurance in Spanish, and your Mexican auto insurance policy at is proof of coverage. You may wonder if a dictionary is necessary, but it can definitely be a help if you are at a loss for words. While phone apps are pretty reliable, a travel dictionary is a good backup. Some additional vocabulary you may want to remember on the road includes:

  • Carretera – highway
  • Cuota – toll
  • Caseta de cobra – money exchange booth
  • Gasolinera – gas station
  • Alto – stop
  • Tope – speed bump
  • Despacio – slow
  • Velocidad – speed
  • Peligro – danger
  • Punto de revisión – military checkpoint

These terms relate to some of the common spots you may look for or encounter as you drive in Mexico. The exchange booth is a spot for converting your money to Mexican pesos, but you can usually use U.S. dollars at gas stations, stores, restaurants and motels. Your conversion rate may vary from place to place. Additional terms noted are related to road signs that you will want to pay attention to.

Once you get started though, driving through Mexico is a heck of a lot of fun, and according to the experts, the best way to experience the country.

Remember, a genuine Mexican auto insurance policy at is required when driving across the border!

Your Mexico car insurance from is handled by a Mexican company. However, if you need to use your Mexican auto insurance policy at in an emergency situation, you will have access to a trained bilingual support staff. Your call can be handled in English or in Spanish. Although you might want to speak to the agent in Spanish, and may very well be fluent yourself, in an emergency you will be relieved to know you can use whatever language you are most comfortable with.

Buy your Mexican auto insurance policy at for FREE Roadside Assistance!

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Mexican auto insurance policy at Mexico road signs

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Jacque Ratcliff June 4, 2014 at 3:17 pm

Be cautious while purchasing insurance policy from any company. It must be authorized legally or else you will get into trouble while crossing Mexican border. Mexican insurance store is reliable for its services and assistance.

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