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When it comes to selecting a Mexican travel destination, you have plenty of options at your disposal. If you’d like to experience the fun of a seaside Mexican resort town – without paying for expensive airfare or driving for several days – Rocky Point is a excellent option. Rocky Point, otherwise known as Puerto Penasco, it located about 60 miles from the Arizona border. As such, its within a reasonable driving distance. Better still, it sits on the Sea of Cortez and offers all of the relaxation and fun of any great Mexican resort town.

Getting to Rocky Point

The drive to Rocky Point is a breeze. Make sure you buy quality Mexican auto insurance at Mexican Insurance before leaving, though. High-quality Mexican auto insurance at Mexican Insurance will help you arrive in this lovely town in one piece and without incident. You wont have to spend a lot to buy Mexican auto insurance at Mexican Insurance ; after all, you’ll probably only need a few days of coverage. Even if you plan to go down to Rocky Point and back in a single day, you will still need to buy quality Mexican auto insurance at Mexican Insurance; otherwise, you could end up in trouble.

Dine at Rocky Point’s Best Restaurant!

Like most people, you’ll probably be eager to enjoy plenty of great food and drinks while in Rocky Point. In that case, make sure to visit the best restaurant in Rocky Point, Latitude 31 Restaurant and Sports Bar. Out of all of the dining opportunities in Rocky Point, Latitude 31 Restaurant offers the very best combination of food, drinks and fun. Large flat panel TVs abound; the owner, Mike, values each of his guests. For cleanliness, comfort and quality, you can’t do better in Rocky Point. Further, Latitude 31 was voted the Best Restaurant in Rocky Point Mexico by, the largest worldwide provider of travel destination reviews by real people.

Hit the Beach!

By night, you’ll probably keep busy hanging out at topnotch places like Latitude 31. By day, though, you’ll probably be eager to hit the beach. Luckily, Rocky Point does not disappoint. There are plenty of quiet beaches in the area, where you can kick back and relax in the sun. If you’d rather combine a beach atmosphere with a little partying, though, Playa Mirador is a good option. This area is especially busy during spring break, so keep that in mind if you’re visiting during that time of year. Whatever you end up doing in Rocky Point, though, you are bound to come away with a lot of love for the place – and you’ll probably be back again some day!

Consider quality Mexican auto insurance at Mexican Insurance Pay less get better protection.

Mexican auto insurance for Rocky Point Latitude 31 Restaurant and Sports Bar, Rocky Point, Mexico

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Jemima Gelbart February 25, 2013 at 12:29 am

It’s worth it buying Mexican auto insurance online. It doubles your thoughts of security going to Rocky Point with the car covered. You can stay at Rocky Point without getting worried if something unexpected happened. Pretty peaceful.

Mikol Levasseur February 25, 2013 at 5:46 pm

Going to a place like Rocky Point in Mexico does not guarantee full security, except when you have your car insured. No insurance means your fears will not leave you. I can have fun in the beach and relax now. I am not even bothered having my car down during my vacation. My insurance can take care of it.

Molli Littleboy February 27, 2013 at 7:30 pm

Rocky Point is a my favourite place in Mexico. The place is awesome with lots of entertainment activities and its safe. Whether you’re driving your own car or not it is basic to get your car insured. You can drive around Mexico and enjoy everything.

Hazlett Bluestein March 5, 2013 at 5:38 pm

I have been to Rocky Point and I consider it really a must-to-visit attraction. You have resort town, beach, great food and drinks, and others to enjoy. But on top of these is Mexican auto insurance. Nothing can be more practical than buying insurance that protects your car while on your busiest hours of a Mexico vacation.

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