Is Mexican Insurance Really Required?

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Senor Mex Says: Just wanted to point out that while financial responsibility is implied in Mexico, Mexican insurance is not actually required by law. If you are pulled over in Mexico for a routine traffic stop, for instance, you do not have to produce proof of insurance. The reason that this type of coverage is mandatory is because of the major amount of trouble that you can get into if you go without it. If you are involved in an accident that causes injuries or damages down in Mexico – and cant produce a valid insurance policy – you could end up in jail! The importance of this type of coverage cannot be stressed enough. However, stating that it is actually required by Mexican law is factually incorrect. It is true, however, that U.S.-based car insurance policies are invalid south of the border – they are not recognized down in Mexico. Before heading down there, its always best to buy a high-quality insurance policy to avoid trouble! And ONLY from Rated carriers!

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“Not only is it the smart course of action, but its also required by Mexican law and advised by the united states.”

You can read the entire ArticleFeeder post here Here. Learn more accurately about Mexican insurance from and why you need to buy it. While Mexico insurance may not be required by law down in Mexico, choosing to go without it is a recipe for disaster.

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