Is Liability-Only Mexico Car Insurance Okay?

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When doing research about traveling to Mexico, you’re sure to discover that Mexico car insurance is required if you’re going to operate a motor vehicle. Although the law doesn’t explicitly list car insurance for Mexico as a requirement, it does say that every driver must be able to prove the he can make good on his financial responsibilities in the aftermath of an accident. Otherwise they hold you. Therefore, you definitely need it. Technically, liability-only Mexican auto insurance by Mexican Insurance will suffice. However, it’s almost always best to “splurge” and buy full-coverage Mexico car insurance to cover Theft and other physical damage exposures. Find out why car insurance for Mexico is important is below.

The Bare Minimum

At the absolute minimum, you need to have liability-only Mexico Car insurance. This type of policy will cover any damages or injuries that you cause to other drivers. However, it does nothing for you. The law states that you have to have liability-only, at the minimum, because you need to be able to pay for any damages or injuries that you cause. It takes two to tango, though, and your car could be damaged too. If that happens, you’ll wish that you’d invested in comprehensive Mexican auto insurance instead.


One thing that keeps people from buying full-coverage Mexican auto insurance is pricing. They automatically assume that it’s going to be prohibitively expensive, but that simply isn’t true. You’re sure to be pleasantly surprised when you get a quote for full-coverage car insurance for Mexio. The longer you will be in Mexico the more it will cost, but that’s okay. You need to keep in mind that accidents can and do happen. If you’re unlucky enough to be involved in one, you’d better hope that you are adequately protected. A full-coverage Mexico car insurance policy will definitely come to the rescue in such a situation.

No Jail

It’s true that you don’t have to worry about going to jail if you present a valid, liability-only Mexican auto insurance policy. That’s nice and everything, but what happens when you go to file a claim? That type of policy isn’t going to do a thing in terms of damages to your own car. You could be left holding a really steep bill. If your car is rendered inoperable, you’ll have no choice but to have it repaired before you’re able to leave the country. That would be quite unfortunate, so make sure to get the right coverage before you go to Mexico. Quality Mexican auto insurance from popular online providers such as Mexican Insurance allow you to repair your vehicle when you get home. Most providers , especially at the border only allow you to repair your vehicle in Mexico.

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Branden Rubenstein September 24, 2014 at 6:13 pm

Liability-only Mexican insurance is the barest minimum you can have. If you value the worth of your car, you need to full cover so that you can be compensated for any damage done to it.

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