Buying Crafts in Pacific Mexicos Valley of Patzcuaro!

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Since every region is Mexico is known for their location-specific crafts, travelers may have to visit the entire country just to appreciate all of the fine art, craft and handiwork items offered. Pacific Mexico’s Valley of Patzcuaro is the exception, as this location sells almost every hand crafted item imaginable. To start your shopping journey, head to the Plaza Bocanegra where vendors sell new craft items upon their labor-intensive completion. While inventories may be smaller than department stores, there is no need to worry about purchasing an old straw hat or faded cotton dress as all items are authentic and made in Mexico. Copperware and hand-dyed woolens are abundant in this region’s marketplace. All copper is created by experienced craftsmen and often displays marks from being hand-hammered.

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Mexicans have their own versions of farmers’ markets. In addition to selling typical items like fruits, vegetables and baked goods, Mexican agricultural stands also sell crafts; which means locations are more likely to resemble a combination flea and farmers’ market. Casa de Once is a fine example of this meshed selling. Shops retailing painted, woven, handcrafted and baked items are plentiful. Depending on budget, these go for a few pesos up to several hundred dollars. Bargaining is always welcomed, which provides a bit of a yard sale element to this dailyvendors convention.

High-end purchases can be found in Patzcuaro’s specialty shops. Gold, silver and gemstone jewelry items, lacquer ware and traditional hand-carved furniture command some of the highest prices, and are labor and material intensive. Be careful when negotiating these prices and take into account all of the hours spent on labor, costs to purchase raw materials and their transportation/wholesaler fees. You may also want to think twice before purchasing big ticket items like furniture because they are cumbersome, require special shipping and are most likely over the approximately $400 duty-free importation limit.

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Janett Thorpe July 17, 2013 at 6:14 pm

I think it’s really important to show people that not only is Mexico so much safer than people think,but there are so many things that are done perhaps even better than in the US.

Marni Means April 17, 2018 at 6:37 pm

With summertime, your vacation can be full of fun although it can be unavoidable to experience some health issues. But things are still manageable, don’t worry!

Chantelle Dejean January 4, 2019 at 5:07 pm

Many Mexico open-air markets sell used and second hand products. Certainly, they’re much cheaper. Assorted items can be bought with very low price.

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