Be Prepared for Driving to Mexico City With Quality Online Car Insurance for Mexico!

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Senor Mex says: Although most people fly into Mexico City while on vacation, there’s no reason not to drive there. You shouldn’t actually get around the city by car, but there’s nothing wrong with driving all the way down there. Plenty of others have done so as well, and plenty of vacationers continue to do so. Make sure not to leave home without quality online car insurance for Mexico from Mexican Insurance Plot your course so that you can get to Mexico City as quickly and efficiently as possible. Read plenty of articles online about driving there as well.

Seen Through a Glass Post

“Quick as that, the Pernod Ricard crew decided we’d DRIVE four hours to Mexico City. Is that okay with us? HELL YES! We strapped on the SUVs and headed west. Once we got to Xalapa (past the airport museum, past the SUX buses, past a bunch of people in raincoats, and gardens and a huge cemetery), we followed the signs to DF MEXICO, and climbed out of town for what was easily half an hour, grinding uphill on a two lane road that just kept rising and rising.”

Check out the whole Seen Through a Glass post. When driving to Mexico City, make sure you’re as prepared as can be with quality online car insurance for Mexico.

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Davis Bissol July 17, 2013 at 6:06 pm

We drove to Mexico and explored some of the best places. Amazing weather, beach side resort, ancient archeology. Mexico was never that great before.

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